The Week In Real Estate 17th November

The national residential vacancy rate fell to just 2.0% in October, its lowest level since March 2014, with vacancies falling in many most cities..


Property predictions for 2021 revealed

Where will our property markets be in 3 years?

That’s a question people are asking now that our real estate markets have moved to the next stage of the property cycle – one of falling property values in some … Read more »

A step-by-step guide to spring cleaning your house in one weekend

A step-by-step guide to spring cleaning your house in one weekend

Spring-cleaning: We dread it and we procrastinate for as long as we can until we finally give in. It’s no secret that spending an entire weekend cleaning sounds like an absolute nightmare – but with a little elbow grease and a lot of … Read more »

The Week In Real Estate 10th November

RBA Tips Booming Economy

The Australian economy is poised for two years of strong growth, with the Reserve Bank predicting the strongest expansion since the last two years of the Howard Government. It’s also forecasting that unemployment will fall to its lowest level since December 2008.

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Terry’s View
There’s a yawning gap between what’s really going on in real estate markets and the portrayal of markets by mainstream media. Journalists are having a feeding frenzy with negative data and dire forecasts – and are showing a disregard for normal ethical standards, such as accuracy, balance and fairness.

The headlines tell us … Read more »

NSW to make the biggest changes to stamp duty in 30 years

The Berejiklian government will make the biggest overhaul to stamp duty in 30 years delivering a tax break to future home buyers that will grow over time.

Under the changes the seven price bands, or brackets, which determine how much stamp duty is paid by home purchasers will start to rise with inflation from the middle of next year…. Read more »

The Week In Real Estate 3rd November

Half of Australia has recorded a rise in dwelling values over the past year, new analysis shows, contrary to headlines claiming prices are falling across the nation. According to CoreLogic, around half of the SA4 sub- regions (the ABS divides Australia into 88 sub-regions for data collection) have recorded a rise in property values.

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First-home buyers the ‘winners’ in cooling Sydney property market

First-home buyers in Sydney are finding their feet again for the first time in years as house prices take the steepest annual decline in more than 20 years.

The city’s median house price dropped 6.5 per cent — or $76,616 — for the year to September, due to a regulation-led downturn.

While the median house price of $1,101,532 remains unaffordable for many … Read more »

The Week In Real Estate 27th October

Melbourne Leads Land Price Rises
A new report has found the average price of land in capital cities has risen 15.5% in the past 12 months, led by a major increase in Melbourne. The price of capital city vacant residential land grew three times as fast as blocks in regional areas, according to the latest national land report, although the growth has not been evenly spread … Read more »

Buyers Are Back In The Driver’s Seat As Stock Levels Surge To Their Highest Level Since 2012

The seasonal surge in listing numbers is well underway, with fresh listings being added to the market up 16% relative to the end of winter, however, despite the upswing in new listings, fresh stock additions are tracking almost 4% lower than the at the same time a year ago to be at their lowest seasonal level since 2012.  The low level of new listing numbers can be attributed … Read more »

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