House Price Growth to Ease in Sydney

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Low Wage Growth Cuts Spending

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Week In Real Estate

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Week in Real Estate

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Hilton Parkes The Week In Real Estate

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500 Red Roses For 500 Mums In Plumpton

This Mother’s Day, we’d like to say “THANK YOU” to all the great Mums out there. If you love your Mum, pop into our office from Saturday morning, May 13 right through to Midday Sunday, May 14¬†(Mother’s Day) to pick up a complimentary Red Rose for your Mum.
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Helping you Sell and Buy

Michelle chose Hilton Parkes Real Estate because she had heard of so many bad experiences from other agencies in the area. Michelle sold for more than her asking price and even had help purchasing her next property. Michelle was so impressed with the whole process she agreed to be interviewed for everyone to see, hear/ and read her story…. Read more »

Investor lending gathers pace as dwelling values surge higher

by Cameron Kusher
Source: CoreLogic
20 March 2017
Interest rate cuts and the return of lending to investors over the past year have seen a re-emergence of investors as a dominant force in the national housing market.

At the end of last week the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) published housing finance data for January 2017 and it showed that at that time, demand from the investment segment of the … Read more »

They Waved A Magic Wand

Karen sold for more than the advertised price with Hilton Parkes Real Estate even though the property was in another area. Karen was kind enough to share her experience so that other people looking to sell can discover how to get the highest price for their property…. Read more »

How an 82-year-old lady picked up an extra $451,000 when selling AND buying!!

“How an 82-year-old lady picked up an extra $451,000 when selling AND buying!! ”