LIKE ANY BUSINESS investment property does not run itself.  Even if you are in the same area as your investment property, unless you intend to look after your investment full-time, you really need Quakers Hill  property management to handle the myriad details required to protect both you and your investment.

ONE TYPE OF INVEST MENT PROPERTY comes about when you are transferred to another city, but you don’t want to give up your dream home.  One day you will return.  Your house becomes a rental property subject to an entire spectrum of laws governing this type of investment.  You really need a Quakers Hill  property management company who is required to be a fully licensed real estate agent or broker. If nothing else the amount of time it takes to go through all the forms and requirements is prohibitive for the average individual.

WHY NOT JUST PUT A FOR RENT SIGN in the front yard and let people inquire?  The list of objections to that goes on for pages.  The major upkeep and repairs to the house are the same as when you lived there.  But you had to deal with leaks, broken windows, hail damage, appliance replacement, and the like yourself.  The renter will pick up the phone and turn the problems over to you.  If you had a Quakers Hill  property management company for your house, they would have all the connections to fix problems with less cost than if you did it yourself.

FOR BUYING INVESTMENT PROPERTY there is a good reason to start with good property management companies.  As already mentioned, in most states a property manager is also a licensed real estate agent/broker who can help you find good investment properties, steer away from bad investments, and guide you through all the paperwork required for a real estate purchase.


Lease Enforcement Property Management

VACANCY MARKETING is property management speak for business advertisement.  Investment property that is unoccupied is losing money for the owner.  For example, say that one of your properties regularly gets $1,000 per month income.  If that property sits vacant for even one month your annual income from that property has gone from $12,000 to $11,000 (or $916.66 per month).  Because your Quakers Hill  property management company does volume business, they will be able to market your property cheaper and more efficiently than a single individual/owner.

TENANT EVALUATION is another service a property management company can provide in much greater depth than an average individual is able to do.  You want tenants who can pay their lease and have a history of being good renters elsewhere.  You want tenants who demonstrate previous care for their rented property.  Experts in Quakers Hill property management are more likely than average individuals to be able to make good tenant calls and get maximum rental rates for your property.

PROPERTY MANAGER EXPERTISE includes a number of legal matters such as lease structuring tailored to fit your needs and those of the tenant within the legal requirements of your state.

LEASE ENFORCEMENT is a vital contribution of your property management company.  Everyone has heard the old phrase, “It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.”  Whether the owner of the investment property is across town, across country, or overseas, a qualified Quakers Hill property management company is equipped to handle lease enforcement situations where a tenant has failed to honor the terms of the lease.

OBLIGATIONS OF THE OWNER in investment property includes repairs, appliance replacements, and possibly lawn and garden services among other items.  A property management company may even have a regular maintenance crew to go around to inspect properties and make small repairs.  Barring an in-house crew, the property manager will have several local upkeep services she or he can depend on to handle your property’s needs.  Such things come with the territory of investment property ownership.  When it comes to appliance replacement, the property manager will be able to acquire those items quickly and at less cost than an individual would have to pay.

If you’re looking at buying investment property or suddenly find yourself with a home to rent, give Hilton Parkes Real Estate a call at 02 9832 3211. They provide professional Quakers Hill property management and can offer a free profitability analysis on any property you’re thinking about renting.