Unless you or someone you select is right there to see that the terms of a lease agreement are kept to the letter, that lease is little more than a piece of paper.  This might fall into the category of “it’s a dirty job but someone has to do it,” which is precisely why Property Management in Colebee is right there ready to handle the thousands of circumstances relevant to rental property.  To paraphrase Murphy’s Law, “if anything can go wrong, it will and at the most inconvenient time.”  Electrical problems, gas leaks, damaged roofs, water line breaks, dishwashers that go out, any major appliance that fails to function properly—all these things can and do go wrong, and it is up to the property owner to fix them.  With Property Management in Colebee handling the day-to-day supervision of your investment property, you are relieved of the tasks that such problems create.

However, just taking care of your ownership responsibilities for the property, Property Management in Colebee serves what some people might classify as a greater challenge.  That is making sure that tenants live up to their obligations according to the terms of the lease.  If tenants are perpetually late with their rental payments or, in some cases, fail to pay at all, a serious situation arises that is not only irritating but also costly.  As an investment property owner, you are well aware of the razor thin profit margin from your enterprise.  To make any profit at all, your rent income must cover mortgage payments, taxes and insurance, as well as the expenses of upkeep and repairs.  Having deadbeat tenants is a situation worse than having your property sit idle between tenants.  That is because of the additional expense of making costly repairs and expensive make-ready after they eventually move out.  As little as a month or two under those circumstances can wipe out an entire year of profit.  Instead of an asset, your investment property becomes a fiscal liability.

Property Management in Colebee works tirelessly on your behalf to prevent disaster from happening. In the first place, if you had contracted with Property Management in Colebee to manage your property, great care would have been taken in the screening process to find the best possible tenants.  Such a service looks for tenants who have stellar reputations for prompt payment and good care of properties they rent.  It works like preventative health care to minimize the probability of lease violations.

Lease Enforcement Property Management

Lease enforcement only works when there is someone with “boots on the ground” to supervise the adherence to the provisions written into the agreement.  For the property owner that may be prohibitive, especially if the rental property is in a distant location from where the owner lives.  It is the job of Property Management in Colebee to see that all aspects of the lease are strictly adhered to by all parties involved.

If you’re looking at buying investment property or suddenly find yourself with a home to rent, give Hilton Parkes Real Estate a call at 02 9832 3211. They provide professional rental property management in Colebee and can offer a free profitability analysis on any property you’re thinking about renting or purchasing.