The most basic rule in any type of selling is “Make it easy for buyers to buy”. In many real estate offices, however, this rule is badly broken. Incredibly, most agents make it hard for buyers to buy; it’s almost as if they deliberately chase buyers away.

Home-buyers who are making the greatest financial purchase of their lives often cannot believe how badly they are treated by agents. Some are not “treated” at all, they are just ignored!

Two quick examples…

First example: Just try and contact a salesperson if you’re interested in buying a specific home. It’s near impossible to get anyone to talk with you. This is because, in most estate agencies, the salesperson who ‘lists’ the home for sale ‘hogs’ the home.

It doesn’t matter how many salespeople may work at an agency, only one salesperson – the one dealing with the sellers of the home – gets to speak with interested buyers. This means that if this salesperson is busy elsewhere or has a day off, no buyers can get any information about the home (other than what’s advertised, usually on-line). This is intolerable for sellers who want to sell for the best price.

So, why does one salesperson ‘hog’ a home when there may be many salespeople in the agency?

Well, the answer is simple. The salesperson who ‘listed’ the home (signed-up the owners) also wants to sell the home. If another salesperson sells the home then the listing salesperson misses out on the ‘sale share’ of the commission (usually 50%). As appalling as this may seem, it’s common practice in real estate – agents do what’s best for agents, not what’s best for customers.

To get the best price for your home, you must list your home with an office where all the salespeople on the team share all the homes for sale. If a buyer wants to discuss your home, a salesperson should always be available. This ensures that buyers don’t drift off to other real estate offices to look at other homes.

You are better off listing your home with a small office where all salespeople work on selling your home rather than a large office where one salesperson ‘hogs’ your home.

Second example: If buyers think it’s hard to get information about a home, it’s even harder to see a home they’re interested in buying. Agents will tell buyers that the home is “open for inspection” at a certain time – usually on a Saturday for half an hour; but what if that day and time doesn’t suit the buyers? In most cases, too bad. If the buyers can’t inspect the home at the time the agent “opens” the home, the buyers just look at other homes. That’s right, when agents make it hard for buyers, the buyers go elsewhere.

If you want the best price for your home, be sure you list your home with a real estate office where one salesperson does not “hog” your home.

To get the best price, buyers need to be able to get instant information about your home at any time and be able to inspect your home at a time that suits the buyers not the time that suits the agent.

Find an agent who makes it easy for buyers to buy and you’ll have a much better chance of selling your home for the best price.