Blacktown City Council is preparing for the effects of the boom that has already, very much started and will make it a great place for families, couples, professionals and retirees to live.

No matter your age, occupation or family dynamic, Blacktown has something for everyone.

Blacktown City Council has some amazing projects planned, because of the population growth and their priority to become a hub for families, students, and athletes in the near future.

By 2036, the population in the Blacktown Council area is expected to continue to boom, reaching over half a million.

The council is preparing to handle this growth while still giving the current residents high-quality facilities and services.

A council that plans for the future boom and continues to deliver new and exciting initiatives for residents – where do we sign up?

Some of the exciting things expected to take shape include;


Blacktown International Sportspark Redevelopment

The city council plans to reinvent the International Sportspark to make it the premier multi-sport venue for the sports market, ranging from local to international sports – imagine this amazing space, in your very own suburb.

They’re going to build an athlete hostel, a hotel, a public square, as well as planning for the increased traffic around the area and offering transport options.

The goal is to become a playing, training and ancillary facilities hub for Australian and international sports.

Also becoming a part of the Blacktown International Sportspark development is the International Centre of Training Excellence, which will be a state-of-the-art facility for sporting training, sports science, and recovery for athletes.

University of Blacktown

The city really is turning into a multifaceted hub, even with the CBD only a 30min drive away, you won’t need to leave.

To further the goal of becoming a place for everyone, Blacktown City Council is planning to add a 5000-student university.

This is to help Blacktown’s large student population, and give them a convenient place to study and learn. You can eat, sleep, train, play and study in Blacktown.

Riverstone Town Centre

Blacktown Council is looking to create a community centre with views of the Blue Mountains, that houses a variety of activities and venues where the community can come together and have fun.

This town centre will include a residential area, as well as a library, childcare centre, public park, and an aquatic centre, among other things.

Riverstone Town Centre will be a community hub for all ages, that still retains the semi-rural aspects of Blacktown while providing residents with a place to learn and play.

This really is just a teaser of what is yet to come for Blacktown City Council. The projects that are being unveiled every few months are endless.

You can stay up to date with the progress and transitions for the area here:

If you want to upgrade your home, or move closer to the action, now is the time to do so, as the real estate market is likely to grow from here on!

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