Spring Gardening Guide - Gardening Tips for the Spring SeasonSpring has finally sprung and we can all shrug off our winter coats and embrace the great Australian outdoors with the arrival of the warmer weather.

What better place to do this than outside our homes where spring is the perfect time for gardens, lawns and vegie patches to thrive.

So what tasks should aspiring and seasoned gardeners have on their list of ‘things to do’ at this time of the year?

Below we have put together some great gardening tips to help get your garden in tip top shape so you can enjoy the ongoing benefits of a fantastic garden throughout spring and well into summer!

Let’s Get Started

As soon as the soil starts to heat up it is time to put some things into the ground that will bear fruit (literally!) at a later stage.

Beans, cucumbers, melons, potatoes (regular and sweet), pumpkins, sweet corn and zucchinis can all make their debut at the start of spring, with edible output expected to arrive later during the season of summer.

Everybody Love Herbs

Herbs (think basil, oregano, thyme etc.) are an easy and low maintenance garden project that anybody can enjoy.

There are many ready-to-go options available, and they not only look great in the garden they also taste great on the plate!

Flowers, Flowers Everywhere

Flowers and spring make for a great match, and as such this is the season where you can really get your gardens looking their best with a splash of colour.

Plant geraniums now for a spring and summer show to remember, and for those that are fortunate enough to have a rose bush or two in their gardens, prepare yourself for a very fine full bloom in the coming months.

A Bigger Project

If your lawn is waving the white flag of surrender then spring is the ideal time to think about a re-lay and regeneration.

By putting your grass down as the weather warms, you are giving it the best chance of getting well established ahead of the summer and autumn seasons.

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