Karen sold for more than the advertised price with Hilton Parkes Real Estate even though the property was in another area. Karen was kind enough to share her experience so that other people looking to sell can discover how to get the highest price for their property.


Karen: My name’s Karen. My dad’s property was in Wentworthville.

The agency I choose was Hilton Parkes. The main reason for that is I’ve been a customer of theirs for many years, over 15 years. I’ve had a lot of dealings with Hilton Parkes and they’ve just been fantastic with the way they do things. They’re just fantastic and very customer orientated.

There was no concern what so ever that the agent was out of the area.

It doesn’t matter where the agent is, really. Honestly. As you said, these days with the internet and stuff like that, it’s more to do with the relationship you have with the agent and the trust.

The property was advertised for $995,000, which is for the block of land. We worked out the value of the house and we knew we may have to accept a lower price for the house. But Hilton Parkes managed to get us significantly more money for the property, which was amazing. The advertised price was $995,000. The final selling price was $1,055,000.

Basically, when the first offer came through we did not accept at all because it was quite low. It was only $950,000 that came through. And we thought well this is gonna be a slow process.

Within the next couple of days I was getting constant phone calls from Michael telling us that now we’ve had an offer of this and it just kept going up and up and up. It still went up. The price was less than the asking price for a day or two and then it started to go over the asking price and we were pretty amazed. They waved a magic wand!

We were quite happy to settle on $998,000 however then Michael came back to us again and went up over the million dollar mark.

I was happy to pay the money because I knew the service would be excellent. It’s worth it. It’s worth it. You look at their time, you look at their effort, you look what they do to earn that commission and it was worth every cent.