Never reveal your lowest price when selling - we won't! #HighestPrice

Never reveal your lowest price when selling – we won’t! 

Just as you want an agent who can discover the highest price that buyers are prepared to pay for your home, you must never tell anyone the lowest price that you are prepared to accept for your home.

There’s an old truth in real estate negotiation: If you tell anyone the lowest price that you’re prepared to accept, that’s the highest price that you’ll ever get.

Be clear about a very important point when selling your home: Your lowest price (your “bottom line”) is no one’s business but your own.


In the real estate world – meaning ‘behind the scenes’ in real estate offices – the most common question asked about sellers is, “What will they take? ” ; in other words how low will you go? Agents are obsessed with knowing the lowest price that sellers will accept for their homes.

Consider what happens at all real estate auctions…

The agents’ focus is entirely on the lowest price that the sellers (you!) will accept. But, if they were doing their jobs properly, the agents should be focused upon the highest price the buyers are prepared to pay. But no, the focus of most agents is on the sellers’ lowest price not the buyers’ highest price. At auctions, the sellers’ lowest price is called the ‘reserve’.

But what do they call the buyers’ highest price? They don’t even have a name for it!

Yes, it’s incredible when you think about it – and, unfortunately, in most cases when people are selling their homes, they don’t think about what’s happening until after they have sold. By then it’s too late, their home has usually been UNDERSOLD, often by tens of thousands of dollars.

Research shows that the number of sellers who UNDERSELL their homes is a staggering 88%. That’s right, only 12% of sellers get the best price when they sell.

Think about it BEFORE you sell your home. Think about what happened when you bought your home: Would you have been willing to pay MORE for your home? Most buyers (88%!) admit that they would have paid more for their homes.

So why don’t buyers pay more? Why are so many homes UNDERSOLD? It’s simple – the agents focus more on the sellers’ lowest price rather than the
buyers’ highest price. And, as any psychologist will confirm – whatever you focus upon in life is what you are likely to get.

So, please, don’t let agents focus upon the lowest price you will accept, get them to focus upon the highest price that buyers will pay for your home.

That’s how you sell for the best price! If you want to sell for the best price in Plumpton, Oakhurst and all of 2761 and 2770, please contact us on 9832 3211.