Michelle chose Hilton Parkes Real Estate because she had heard of so many bad experiences from other agencies in the area. Michelle sold for more than her asking price and even had help purchasing her next property. Michelle was so impressed with the whole process she agreed to be interviewed for everyone to see, hear/ and read her story.

Michelle: My name is Michelle. We chose Hilton Parks because of, we knew of them in the area, but also because they were part of the Jenman Group; which we know Jenman really well so yes.

Actually it was a toss up. It was a coin toss up. Between two real estates. It really was. Actually one of the other agents were dearer. One of the other agents, he was lower, but then he charged you on top of for your advertising.

I’ve heard too many bad experiences with Open Houses

Wasn’t appealing to us to have an open house. No. I’ve heard too many people have bad experience with open houses. People walking through your house all over the place. Wasn’t real happy with that. The reason we did decide to go with Diego was the friendliness, how he put us well at ease, how he was so open, so truthful, right from word, “go.” The third person we had, I didn’t like him from the moment he walked in the house.

Helped us negotiate on another property too

The team at Hilton Parks had gone out of their way to make us feel comfortable the whole way. They were even helping us negotiate on another property as well. The amount of money that they charged us to help us buy our other property was absolutely zero. It was a tremendous help to us, that they acted on our behalf, in buying as well as selling.

We got above our asking price

It was very appealing that they didn’t charge money for advertising. It was all in their commission. Everything was included in their commission. The price that we were told we would get for our property, we ended up getting over and above the amount that we wanted. We did have a fixed price. The amount was 639,990. The final selling price was 641,000. The price we put on was allowing negotiation. We got in heaps more than what we thought we were going to get, yes.

We’ve got you even more than that last offer

Hilton Parks are good negotiators for the plain and simple reason, the house went on the market one day. We got a offer the next day. A day later they came back and said to us, “We’ve got you even more than what the offer was.” I would advise people to go with Hilton Parks because they were upfront. They were honest. They’d done the best they possibly could. They have been behind us the whole way. They’ve helped us buy the property where we’re moving to as well.

They made us money on this property and saved us money on the other property. They looked into all the properties that we were looking at. They done research on all the properties we were looking at. They also gave us charts on how things were climbing and not climbing. They have just been fantastic the whole time.