Plumpton’s median sales price for houses was $675,000, which was taken from the 88 homes sold during the last year. With a compound annual growth rate of 12.0%, Plumpton is definitely a great place to buy property.

This is also great news for homeowners in the area who have seen consistent growth.

Here are our three interesting Real estate statistics for Plumpton:

1. Plumpton is a family suburb

If you’re a homeowner looking to sell a property in the area, you want to make sure you’re marketing it to families too. The top 3 types of people in Plumpton are established couples and families, older couples and families, and mature couples and families, in that order.

This tells you a lot about the lifestyle in the area!

If you are looking to buy, it’s a great place to settle in with your family, and raise your kids and grandkids, as you know. This is the angle you want to push when selling; how family-friendly the area is, and not having an immaculate ‘show home’ when you’re having an open house.

People need to be able to picture their families in your home, especially those with young kids. If you do buy in the area, you will become a Plumpton family and never want to leave the area.

2. Investment properties

Plumpton has an average demand for rentals compared to other suburbs, with a median rent price of $443 a week. Comparing that with the average sale price ($675k, as mentioned earlier), the property may be negatively geared.

This can be a bonus for some buyers or a turn off for others.

Properties in Plumpton have seen an annual growth rate of 12.0% however, coupled with exciting infrastructure projects in an area improving access to the city, it may be a sound place to buy for the savvy purchaser.

3. Don’t be put off by averages

Keep in mind that all these figures are averages, and of course the price you get for your property is dependent on many factors. We have sold countless properties in the Plumpton area during our time serving the community and the one thing that is certain is that nothing is certain. We have seen houses sell for many thousands of dollars over the asking price because the right buyer had an emotional connection to the home.

One of our team members from Hilton Parkes Real Estate will be able to give you a better idea of the Real estate statistics for Plumpton and the surrounding area, as we have all the details and background information at our fingertips.

We wish you luck in selling your home and moving onto your new one!

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