It’s good news for those who own property in Kellyville as it’s tipped to be Sydney’s next booming suburb. The perfect mix of suburbia and country, Kellyville is known for its mansions and leafy streets, as well as its family-friendly atmosphere.

The annual growth rate is 12.2% and rising, and at present, the median sales price is $1.23M. There’s an average of 314 visits per property in Kellyville, and competition is only going to get stiffer.

If your family is growing, or you just want more space, start exploring the sprawling landscape available in Kellyville, put your home up for sale, and be ready to snap up a good deal before everyone else finds out about this amazing suburb.

Over the past few years, a staggering 3,757 homes have been sold in Kellyville. Everyone wants a piece of the fabulous lifestyle that the suburb provides; from its excellent schools to the great shopping – it really is so family-friendly.

If you’re sitting on a townhouse, they are highly-coveted and will often fetch a higher price when you’re looking to sell. They aren’t the norm in terms of property in Kellyville, so for those who want the lifestyle without the large home or price tag, townhouses are the perfect solution.

They’re also great for those who wish to downsize from their large homes; usually, retirees and parents who now have an empty nest and don’t need or want a sprawling house anymore but don’t want to leave Kellyville.

The transport situation is set to improve too, with the North West Rail Link coming soon. What a win for the locals.

Going from a bus-centric community to having a rail system is likely to push property prices up. Overall it makes property in Kellyville much more desirable for those who commute or still wish to regularly visit the Sydney CBD.

There are over 10,000 households in Kellyville, and that number is rising fast thanks to the upgrades at the Kellyville Plaza, and the fact that word is spreading about how fantastic this suburb truly is.

The locals are excited as new growth means new facilities and new local faces.

With all these factors coming together, it’s no wonder that Kellyville is set to explode. It provides the perfect lifestyle for families young and old, and many professionals are flocking to the area too, to experience the perfect blend of city and country.

Large blocks of land with houses to match, bordered by gorgeous bushland; this is the stuff of dreams for many Australians.

So, if you’re lucky enough to already own a property here, you may like to get an idea of how your property growth is tracking.

Especially if you want to stay in the area, as housing prices are set to continue to rise here.

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