New Homes/Established Homes: Which Property Is Right For You?People who are looking to purchase a home have many considerations to make before they settle on a residence which ticks all the boxes and is suitable for their needs and circumstances.

Location and financial considerations are generally high up on the list, and a vital part of the overall decision making process to purchase a home is whether it is best to buy a newly built home or to buy a home that is already established.

Both options have their plusses and minuses, and today we will take a look at the pro’s and con’s of buying a new home versus buying an established home.


Below we have listed some pro’s of buying a new home:

  • If you are involved with the construction of a new home, you can have it personalised to suit your exact requirements.
  • The design of your new home will likely reflect contemporary layout choices, such as open plan kitchens and living areas.
  • As your new home will come “ready to go”, you should not need to undertake any home maintenance for quite some time, and as such you will most likely save money in the long run.
  • Another financial saving will come in the form of building regulations and construction methods that ensure that new homes are more energy efficient.


New homes don’t have everything in their favour, and as such we have listed some of the con’s of buying a new home:

  • Most new homes tend to be located in outer regions which might mean increased transit times.
  • If you appreciate mother nature in all her glory, you will most likely have to look elsewhere, as grand old trees take many years to grow, and therefore will be largely absent in new home areas.
  • Older homes generally have more style and substance about them as construction methods and tastes have changed over time.
  • Another noticeable change in housing trends is that the size of the land that new homes are generally built on is much less than you will find with older homes.

Which Way To Go?

Ultimately the choice is yours!

You should always keep in mind your current and future financial circumstances, and consider what will be best for yourself and your family as you move forward with your lives.

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