List The Reasons You Love Your Home

List The Reasons You Love Your Home

Here is a vitally important fact: No one knows your home as well as you. No one knows the real reasons, often highly personal, why you were first attracted to your home. No one knows or understands the hard work – not to mention the expense! – that went into making those many improvements in your home.

So tell prospective buyers all the good and wonderful things about your home, any one of which could make buyers decide to say ‘Yes, this is the home for us’. Or those features which could net you many thousands of dollars more for your home.

In fairness, even the best agents, those rare few who are truly dedicated to getting you the very best price for your home, are neither going to know or remember all the great features about your home. It’s up to you to tell them. And here’s what to do…

Make a list headed, ‘Reasons Why We Love Our Home’ and then write down all the wonderful features about your home, remembering, of course, to include the benefits of its location and the positive attributes about your suburb or town.

Don’t assume that buyers will know about your area; many buyers will know almost nothing about the area in which you may have lived for many years. So, tell them!

If you are lucky enough to live in an area where neighbours still look out for each other and you don’t need to put gaol-house-looking-bars on your windows, mention this benefit. Good schools in the area? Tell people.

Oh, and one more big point: It’s the major goal of every person – to be happy. If you have spent many happy years in your home, don’t be too shy to mention it. If you raised your family in your home and you have years of happy memories, it’s entirely reasonable to think that another family will get just as much happiness from your home as you enjoyed.

Be sure to include the final ‘feature’ about your home – that it’s “great value”. Yes, be confident, be proud: If you have a lovely home with many benefits to love, then it’s entirely reasonable that you receive the best price when you sell.

The best homes (in the hands of the best agents) always get the best prices. So, be sure to let everyone know that your home is one of the best homes being offered for sale by preparing that detailed ‘LOVE LIST’.