You have built or bought your dream home and happily settled in.  Then your company reassigns you to another state miles away.  It’s the chance of a lifetime and means not only a promotion but also a sizeable pay raise.  You love Glendenning where your special home is and plan to retire there someday, so  you really don’t want to sell.  You decide you’d like to rent out the property while you are away.  The rental income could cover the mortgage payment.  It sounds like the best of both worlds.  However, it’s not that simple you find out.  Your renter will enjoy all the benefits of living in your dream home without all the responsibility of upkeep that goes with it.

There’s got to be a solution.  But what?

That’s when someone advises you to check out a property management companies in Glendenning, a business you may not have been aware of before.  Or maybe you always thought of property management companies as real estate professionals who take care of office buildings or large apartment complexes.  Of course, Glendenning property management companies do all of that, but also much, much more.  You learn that property management is available for individual houses like yours.  Furthermore, you get a quick education about owner responsibilities for rental property.

Whether you as the property owner live across town or way off in Timbuktu, it is your property and you are responsible for upkeep just like when you lived there.  Hail damaged roof?  It’s up to you to get it replaced.  Taxes and insurance?  Yes, your responsibility as well.  Appliances that need replacing?  You guessed it.  Finding good, responsible renters?  You had no idea it took so much time, and you do not have the resources to make a thorough check of potential tenants.  When it comes to property management companies, Glendenning probably has a lot of options, and it quickly becomes clear that to rent out a home requires the expertise of property management companies in Glendenning.

What you get with a property management company is peace of mind.  The licensed real estate agents in good Glendenning property management companies have all the expertise to facilitate quick rentals without allowing the property to sit empty for long periods of time.  They have the resources to screen potential renters so that responsible tenants occupy your property.  They are available 24/7 to handle emergencies that may crop up from time to time.  When there are minor maintenance needs or major remodels needed, property management companies in Glendenning will make sure (often with its own maintenance crew) to take care of the problems.

More serious situations like serving eviction notices are turned over to the property manager, although, with the ability and experience inherent in good property management companies such situations are rare.  So, hang on to the property you love and let it become a source of passive income while enjoying the convenience of knowing your property is being properly cared for.

If you’re thinking about moving but don’t want to sell your property give Hilton Parkes Real Estate a call at 02 9832 3211. They are one of the best property management companies in Glendenning to work with.