Getting ready to sell your house but not too sure on how to present it?? Here are a few more quick tips, on how you can present your property for sale.

11. Clean and polish ceiling fans. Take down and clean exhaust fan covers, as these are dust magnets.

Set The Scene

This part of preparing your home for sale can be the most fun and involves the use of colour, lighting and accessories to emphasise the best features of your home.

12. Study magazine ads and furniture showrooms to see how small details can enhance the appearance of a room. Simple additions, such as a vase of flowers, an open book on the coffee table, or a basket of logs by the fireplace, can make a room more attractive and appealing. Be careful not to create distracting clutter though.

13. The use of a brightly coloured pillow on a chair or a throw rug on a sofa can add dimension to an otherwise neutral room. Use accent pieces for colour.

14. Soften potentially offending views, but always let light into your rooms. Consider replacing heavy curtains with something lighter.

15. Take advantage of natural light as much as possible – clean windows, open blinds and curtains etc. Add additional lighting where needed. Be sure that all light fittings are clean and have working bulbs.

16. If your kitchen has fluorescent lighting fixtures, use ‘warm-white’ bulbs for a bright appearance.


17. Be cautious about selecting colours when painting the interior walls or replacing the carpet. Your objective is to make your home appeal to the largest possible segment of the market. Ask yourself, “How many prospective buyers would feel able to move into my home with their own furniture and not want to replace the carpet or repaint the walls?” Position your property on the market to be as liveable to as many people as possible. Select a neutral colour scheme that will make it easy for the buyers to mentally picture your home as their own.

18. Sorry, but you will have to put your personal taste on hold. The market is always driven by buyer demand and the average buyer will have difficulty looking beyond the blue carpeting and bold wallpapers. Consider replacing unusual or bold colours with neutral tones.

Space Management

Create the illusion of more space.

19. Arrange furniture to give the rooms a spacious feeling. Consider removing some furniture from smaller rooms, or any room that may seem overcrowded. If necessary, put large items in storage.

20. Pack up your collectibles, both to protect them and to give the room a more spacious feel. Leave out just enough accessories to give the home a personal touch.

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