One of the reasons a single individual opts not to avail herself or himself of bargain prices at big box wholesale club stores is quantity.  It’s a situation where a single item might be priced far less than at a regular store, but to get that price you’d have to buy a gross of them.  It just isn’t practical.  Now think about your investment property where you are expecting the rent to meet the cost of maintaining the residence or commercial building with a small margin of profit.

With a little research, you discover that Castle Hill property management companies take advantage of discount buying in wholesale lots to pass on the savings to you and their other management clients.  It may seem like a small thing if an a/c filter is replaced at a 50% discount from what you as an individual would have to pay.  But think about it.  If, after mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, and lawn maintenance, you are operating at something like a 3% profit margin, that half price filter takes on a much greater significance.  If you then add up all the small purchases such as replacement light bulbs, paint, plumbing fixtures, cleaning supplies, and dozens of other items need for either maintenance or make ready after a tenant moves out, you can quickly grasp the fact that a lot of little purchases can soon add up to quite a cost.  Why can Castle Hill property management companies save money for you on those things?  They are not buying those items and supplies for just one residence or commercial building, so by buying in bulk they are able to save money for each of their clients.

It isn’t just the small things where Castle Hill property management companies have an advantage.  At some time or another major appliances will go out beyond repair.  Because Castle Hill property management companies is a regular customer of the businesses who sell those items, they can get them at a much greater discount than a single individual possibly could.

Many times Castle Hill property management companies will have their own maintenance crews available 24/7 to handle emergency situations.  Such crews are far less expensive than hiring work to be done by individual plumbers, electricians, or carpenters.  If they don’t have their own staff crews, Castle Hill property management companies certainly have connections to handyman businesses that charge less because of the frequent use of their services.  The same is true for lawn and garden maintenance.

Maintenance Help From Property Management

Maintenance upkeep comes with the territory of investment real estate, and the best way to keep those costs down is by using the services of Castle Hill property management companies.

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