Home Pest Inspections: A Basic Guide to Home Pest InspectionsIf you are a current home owner or you are considering the purchase of a home, one issue that you should be aware of is the threat and danger that insects and pests can pose to your home.

These destructive little critters can be extremely problematic, to the extent that they can render it unsafe and extremely undesirable.

Unfortunately the Australian climate is a great place for these destructive pests to exist, so it is best to be on your guard against them at all times.

Pest inspections really are a specialist area of concern and as such it is extremely advisable that you employ the services of an experienced and trained inspector to attend to all your pest inspection needs.

Below we have given a brief overview of pest inspections, from general observations to more in depth information.

The Outside Of Your Home

Pests enjoy a welcoming environment whether it is inside your home or outside of the premises.

Your vigilance against them can begin at the perimeter of your property and beyond, and if you have any loose debris around the outside of your home such as branches, grass clippings, leaves or wood piles, it is best to remove these items as a preventative measure.

Close To Home

An experienced and trained pest inspector will take a good look at the areas and surfaces that are close to your home.

A number of areas including and surrounding things like cables, cracks, crevices, pipes, window screens, wires and vents will all need to be inspected to assess the condition they are in and opportunities they can provide for unwanted visitors to seek entry to your home.

All The Nooks And Crannies

If you see your pest inspector crawling around on their hands and knees, possibly underneath your house or in confined areas, do not be alarmed.

Pests can range in size greatly and their favourite places to gather are generally out of sight and out of the way.

Warning Signs

In the unfortunate event that there are pests present on the property, they will most likely leave a mess on their path to destruction.

A trained pest inspector will know exactly what to look out for and be able to identify such signs if they are present.

When And How Often To Inspect

A home and pest inspection should be carried out prior to the acquisition of a home in each and every instance of a property purchase.

You might even decide to order one prior to the sale of your home should you decide to put your property on the market.

If you are a current home owner it is best to be pro-active against pests in and around your property, and if you have any suspicions you should act upon these immediately.

If there is a history of problems in your area, or you can’t remember the last time a pest inspection was undertaken at your home, you should probably consider taking some affirmative action and order a health check up on your property sooner rather than later.

The Pest Inspection And Report

A pest inspector will give your place a thorough once over and will provide you with a detailed report once that they have finished their inspection activities.

Hopefully there will be little if anything to report, but if there is, at least you will have the chance to rectify the problem immediately, before a minor issue turns into a major one, and one that can be expensive and problematic indeed.

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