To be certain of selling for the best price, you must be certain that your agent is a highly skilled negotiator.

How do you test an agent’s skill as a negotiator? After all, most will tell you that, sure, they are great negotiators.

The solution is simple: ASK THEM. And here’s the exact question you can ask: “Can you give us two or three good examples of how you will get us the best price?”

No matter how the agent responds – and some may respond in ways that range from jocular to anger (for example some may say: “What is this – a job interview?!” to which you reply: “Darned right it is!”) you must hold firm and insist on an answer to your question.

The best agents – the great negotiators – will be delighted to answer your “examples” question. Indeed, great negotiators will be willing to give you a
dozen or more examples of how they can sell your home for the best possible price.

Now, here’s the BIG SECRET: Unless you are highly impressed with how the agent answers your question, do NOT hire the agent.

Always remember: The MOST IMPORTANT requirement for you to sell your home for a great price is to hire a great negotiator, one who’s highly trained and skilled in negotiation.

A great negotiator will get you a great price.

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