A Personal Message From Neil Jenman



In the world of real estate, there can be a big difference between the promises and the actions of an agent. This may seem old-fashioned, but we believe a promise is a promise. You must do what you say you are going to do. No excuses, no exceptions. And with no ‘fine print’, as so many consumers discover when it’s too late.

The aim of APPROVED is to provide the finest real estate service in Australia based on the highest standards of ethics, values and client care. We want you to be delighted.

And so, here is my personal promise to you…

When you choose Hilton Parkes Real Estate as your APPROVED agent, they will do the right thing by you. They will achieve the Best Market Price for your property. I believe that most consumers are honest and they want to deal with honest companies. I believe the people at Hilton Parkes Real Estate are not only honest but they are also highly competent.

If my family was selling a home in your area, we would choose Hilton Parkes Real Estate.

I thoroughly recommend you do the same.

If, during the selling of your property, you feel that any promises have been broken, I will intervene on your behalf to make sure these promises are kept. Once you have sold your property, if you show me that Hilton Parkes Real Estate has not done the right thing by you, you will receive a total refund of any fees paid to Hilton Parkes Real Estate.

The aim of APPROVED is to delight you. I am certain you will be delighted with Hilton Parkes Real Estate and you will see why I am proud to offer you my personal recommendation that they will do the right thing by you. No excuses, no exceptions.

You have my word on this.

Thank you and best wishes

Neil Jenman

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