Each month we are seeing more first home buyers come to Blacktown, Kellyville and Plumpton searching for the answer to their dream – a house they can call their first home.

The suburbs are becoming popular destinations for first home buyers due to the affordability, location and attractions the suburbs have to offer.

Blacktown and surrounding suburbs offer a multicultural business metropolis, combined with a community feel of an ‘old school’ neighbourhood, a hot spot for first time home buyers.

We know those first home buyers can experience a feeling of high adrenaline and settling into their very own property can become a time-consuming task, with open inspections every weekend, and real estate searches completed daily.

To help you on your path, we’ve pulled together some fast facts to keep in mind as you search the suburbs of Sydney for your first home purchase.

  • Be sure to look into first home buyer grants

Being a first home buyer you might find there are programs available to enter the property market. Be sure to investigate if there are grants available and what they entail. Once you enter the market you can not go back, so do your research and talk to a broker who can also help secure you the best deals around.

  • Combine resources

It is not uncommon for first home buyers to purchase their property with other parties (i.e. a family member or friend). Choosing an investment partner/s wisely may be a great way to enter the market and share the costs. Of course, be sure to assess their financial history and ensure that both names are on all relevant paperwork.

  • Benefits of a good sized deposit

It makes sense that with higher deposits you’d have higher chances of borrowing but do you know what benefits come along with having a good-sized deposit when it comes to your home loan?

As well as helping with your borrowing capacity (how much you can borrow) you’ll find that it can assist in achieving lower interest rates among other advantages.

Be sure to research this with your choice of lending partner. A local broker is a great place to start.

  • Understand the sales process

With some properties selling through auction and some running with the private sales avenue it’s important you understand the processes of each and also your rights and responsibilities.

For example, different states of Australia have different cooling-off periods after an offer has been made and of course, different costs can be associated.

Be sure to have a full understanding of all processes before you officially enter the market as a purchaser. You don’t want to end up with buyers remorse or out of pocket.

  • Don’t allow FOMO (fear of missing out) to rush you prematurely into a sale

Being carried away and overcommitting is something that easily happens when first entering the property market and we understand why – it’s an exciting time!

We urge you to remember that you don’t need to purchase RIGHT now so allow yourself to inspect many properties and remember you probably won’t successfully purchase the first house you place an offer on.

You will find the right home, whether it is today, tomorrow or next month our specialists are here to help secure you the best property. Call us today to get started: 02 9832 3211.

Blacktown, Kellyville and Plumpton have so much to offer, everyone. Make sure you add the suburbs to your list when searching for your home – whether it’s your first home or your next home.