City of Blacktown Real Estate –Hotspot? Hilton Parkes Real Estate

According to Terry Ryder, City of Blacktown Real Estate is set to see growth, in line with his ten key factors when assessing whether an area is an up and coming “hotspot”. All ten of these apply directly to City of Blacktown real estate as a place to look for strong growth in the coming years.

This week we will discuss the first five criteria and how City of Blacktown Real Estate meets them, showing an increased likelihood of growth in the near future.



1. Transport Infrastructure:

The City of Blacktown possesses important transport infrastructure. The WestLink system in Sydney is important because it connects three motorways. It has affected property values, both with industrial and residential property.

2. The OutReach Syndrome:

Recent price rises mean many people seeking to own their home are forced to consider outer areas they might have previously rejected. This is why Blacktown real estate is seeing more buyer competition as time goes on.

3. Urban Renewal & Government Policy:

The NSW State Government has a strategy for Sydney which requires existing suburbs to absorb an extra 640,000 homes over the next 25 years. Again, this needs to occur largely through medium and high-density dwellings – and that would tend to make houses on good-sized blocks of land more valuable over time. Real estate in the City of Blacktown still boasts many good-sized blocks, meaning that owners can capitalize on demand.

4. Lifestyle Features:City of Blacktown Real Estate –Hotspot? Hilton Parkes Real Estate

Many suburbs within the City of Blacktown have their own small community centres and lifestyle precincts. The emergence of micro city centres increases the likelihood that property will be within close range of lifestyle precincts.

Buyers looking for City of Blacktown Real Estate will pay premiums for homes within 500 metres of noted lifestyle precincts – suburban high streets or café strips.

5. The Boom Town Syndrome:

Infrastructure spending can create new industries and broaden the economies of regional cities, making them stronger places to invest.

The Blacktown Crossover and Station Upgrade have seen an influx of workers to the area.

These 5 criteria and the fact that City of Blacktown Real Estate meets all of them are great news for property owners in the area.

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Source: Ryder, Terry. “How to identify real estate hotspots”. 2018. Ryder Property Research.