Real Estate Agent Kellyville Hilton ParkesWe all want the very best price for our home when we make the decision to sell, so choosing a real estate agent in Kellyville and surrounding suburbs is an incredibly important decision. As you speak with different companies, you come to realise there are many differences between real estate agents:

  • Systems for selling
  • Professional fees
  • Advertising strategies
  • The overall level of care for you and the sale of your most prized asset; your home.

So here are five key tools for choosing a real estate agent in Kellyville, to help you make the decision that will land you with the most amount of money in your bank account.

 Real Estate Agent Kellyville Hilton Parkes

1. Go Mystery Shopping

Go to an open home by a Kellyville real estate agent and ask them the following questions:

a.) Why are the owners selling?

b.) What will the owners take?

It is at this point that you will understand whether the agent works for the vendor (which could be you in the future) or for the buyer (and is happy to under-sell the home). No real estate agent in Kellyville, should ever give out personal details about a vendor’s situation, or what their price expectation may be.

If they do, it is likely that they are unskilled in the art of real estate sales.

2. Has a proven track record

Ask the agent how many houses they have sold in the area and enquire as to the average days on the market before a house is sold under their care. They should be very aware of this number and be able to prove their figures.

3. Good knowledge of the Kellyville area

High knowledge of the local area. Ask them to demonstrate their knowledge of the local area and the reasons why they have estimated your house will be sold for the price quoted. We have all heard of those agents who quote a high sale price just to get the business. This often results in a good property sitting idle online while the serious buyers look at properties that are in the right price range.

 Real Estate Agent Kellyville Hilton Parkes4. Read “Help For Home Sellers

“184 hints to get you more money and give you less stress” by Neil Jenman

The difference between a good agent and a bad agent can be as much as 20% of the sales price, so it is worth investing a little time to research the process in detail.

This is a small flip book, written by real estate advocate Neil Jenman and will help you to research selling in more detail.

5. Great reviews

Thoroughly research your chosen agent. The best places to look for reviews online are:

The next step is to call some previous vendors and find out what their experience was during the sale of their home. Ask them about the time it took to sell their home, the sale price and if they were happy with it, and their experience with the method of sale. There are many nuances in selling a home. If you employ the services of an under-skilled agent, it is likely to cost you dearly.

So if you are thinking about moving, or just want to find out the value of your property in the current market, then why not have a chat with the team at Hilton Parkes.

The people at Hilton Parkes Real Estate are their greatest asset; they are highly skilled agents, with consistent training in negotiation, and a focus on client care.

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