While simply throwing up a “For Rent” sign up in the yard of your rental property may seem like a great idea, there is much more to the process than most people assume. In reality, residential property management can be a full time job where experience is irreplaceable. From the beginning of the process through the end, there are several benefits in utilizing an experienced professional. Continue reading to learn more about some of the top reasons you should utilize a Castle Hill residential property management company.

Candidate Screening

One of the top benefits of hiring property management companies are their use of time-tested and proven methods of attracting and screening potential residents. These processes include credit checks, background checks, reference checks, and more. While every property management company may have a different process, the goal is always the same: to keep the less than desirable renters out of your property, while inviting the trustworthy, responsible renters in. Best of all, property managers handle the entire process of listing the property, finding the optimum candidates, and ensuring all of the legal lease matters are in order.

Accounting Matters

Before you decide to rent your property on your own, you may want to consider taking a course or two in accounting. If you do not have this accounting expertise, you could be in store for some costly and even litigious errors. However, when you use a property management company, they handle all of the accounting for you and provide you with a monthly statement. Best of all, you will never have to run a tenant down about the rent payment. Instead, your money is automatically deposited in your account every month without hassle or fuss.


As a homeowner, you are conditioned to expect and deal with the stress associated with the maintenance and upkeep of the property. However, when you rent to a tenant, the maintenance and upkeep for the rental property can seem overwhelming. Every time a screen breaks, a pipe bursts, or anything else goes wrong with the property, the tenant will call you and expect a speedy solution. Although everyone loves the idea of passive rental income, most people have no desire to deal with the tenets, which makes using a property management company the ideal solution.

Lower Cost of Repairs

In the event repairs must be made to the property, you must be ready to quickly provide a solution. However, finding a competent and cost effective professional to do the work can be a job in itself. Property management companies often times will either employ a handyman or have agreements with local vendors. As a result, you will receive speedy and cost effective repairs for the property. At the same time, the property management company will handle all of the scheduling with the tenant for the repairs.

Free Up Your Time

Can you imagine Donald Trump unclogging every toilet in the Trump Tower? Simply put, Donald Trump has become a real estate mogul by doing what he does best, which isn’t managing the property. Whether you are scouting the market for more rental properties or playing a round of golf, Castle Hill residential property management companies allow you to have more time for whatever you desire.

When it comes to finding a property management company, you will be faced with several choices, but not all property management companies are created equally. It’s best to choose a company with the connections and experience to help you achieve your goals.

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