Business Development Manager

1475_290413101925_305The position we offer has one sole purpose: to create sales that are directly linked to the actions of our Businees Development Manager. This is a role in which you will be required to prospect daily for new business for our company.
If you are focused, mature-minded, responsible, and have a fine character, you are invited to enquire. This is a magnificent opportunity to enjoy a wonderful career in real estate.

We are looking for special people who are prepared to study, who are committed to the highest ethical standards, and who work hard and are determined to succeed.

You will join a team of real estate agents who are the most respected in the country.

There is extensive training buy no cost to you, except your time. This position has proved to be the best way to start a career in real estate.

If you would like to learn more about our (your?) Businees Development Manager position. Forward your resume to

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