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Property Price Predictions for 2016

Property ownership continues to be a popular concept amongst Australians; be it for personal occupation or investment.

With 2015 coming to a close the many people will be looking towards the new year to enter the property market, but which way will the market move in 2016?

There are many external factors that … Read more »

10 Things to Check Before Buying A Home

When looking to purchase property, an inspection can be one of the first steps in determining if your potential home is the right one for you.

When inspecting a property it’s important to not only make sure that the home suits your needs but also to look at the building itself, … Read more »

A Home Seller’s Checklist

Making the decision to sell your home is a very important moment in most people’s lives. The actual process of selling can be quite involved, so it’s important to be well prepared.

Below we have prepared a home seller’s checklist to aid those who are currently considering the sale of their home, or to assist those who may choose … Read more »

A Home Buyer’s Checklist

Buying a home is an extremely important moment in most people’s lives, and as such it is natural that you would like to achieve the very best possible outcome from the transaction.

It can also be a nerve-racking time as you might worry that you may have forgotten or missed something.

Being properly prepared from the outset gives you the best chance of … Read more »

New Homes vs. Established Homes: Which Property Is Right For You?

People who are looking to purchase a home have many considerations to make before they settle on a residence which ticks all the boxes and is suitable for their needs and circumstances.

Location and financial considerations are generally high up on the list, and a vital part of the overall decision making process to … Read more »

Home Pest Inspections: A Basic Guide

If you are a current home owner or you are considering the purchase of a home, one issue that you should be aware of is the threat and danger that insects and pests can pose to your home.

These destructive little critters can be extremely problematic, to the extent that they can render … Read more »

Spring Gardening Guide: Gardening Tips for the Spring Season

Spring has finally sprung and we can all shrug off our winter coats and embrace the great Australian outdoors with the arrival of the warmer weather.

What better place to do this than outside our homes where spring is the perfect time for gardens, lawns and vegie patches to thrive.

So what tasks should … Read more »

House Painting: Choosing The Right Colour For Your Home

With the warmer months now approaching home occupants can turn their thoughts towards the home improvement projects that they’ve been contemplating over the winter.

One of the easiest and most effective home improvements that can be undertaken is the addition of a fresh coat of paint, which can be applied in a day or over a weekend, and which will produce an … Read more »

The Search For The Worst House In The Best Street

If you have had any exposure to the real estate industry it is quite possible that you have heard the saying “the worst house in the best street”.

On initial appearance it may appear that this saying is suggesting that you purchase a property in poor condition or one that does not retain … Read more »

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