46-HP_HomeBuyersChecklistBuying a home is an extremely important moment in most people’s lives, and as such it is natural that you would like to achieve the very best possible outcome from the transaction.

It can also be a nerve-racking time as you might worry that you may have forgotten or missed something.

Being properly prepared from the outset gives you the best chance of making this process stress-free. Below we have outlined a home buyer’s checklist to help guide you through the initial process of buying a home.


Starting with the overall picture you should ensure that your potential new home’s location satisfies all of your needs.

If you have children you should consider the proximity of schools and also transport options and commute times for any working adults in your family.


Once you have identified a suitable location, and have started to look at properties in the area, your first port of call will be the exterior of the home.

You need to check that the property is in good order externally, and examine the building for any cracks or deterioration.

You should also take note of the lawn and gardens, and be wary of any significant trees that might exist on the property.


Once an examination has been made of the exterior of the property, it is time to move inside and take a closer look.

Once again the walls of the home need to be closely examined to ensure that they are in good order.

Next up is the ceilings, where cracking can often occur in the joins.

It is also a good idea to examine the floors, and assess their condition and whether they will need any repairs/improvement in the future.

The kitchen will need to be checked to ensure that it is operational and functional, and any electrical appliances that are installed and included should also be thoroughly tested.

The bathroom and laundry need special attention as these are wet areas. You should check that there are no leaks and any no signs of mould. Additionally there needs to be adequate ventilation in these areas.

Pest And Building Inspections

Once you have found a home that you are happy with a comprehensive pest and building inspection should be undertaken to ensure further peace of mind.

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