Do you have properties around the Quakers Hill area you want to lease? You may want to consider property management services. Finding the right property manager can be tricky if you don’t know the ins and outs of the industry. If you think it’s going to cost you a lot hiring someone to take care of your rental properties, this article will show you 7 ways to save and make more money using a professional Quakers Hill property management company.

Property Management Companies Secure Renters

1. Capitalize on Rental Income.

Hilton Parkes Real Estate has the edge of knowing how many properties of the same level are renting, how much they are rented for, and what a tenant is capable or willing to pay. Not to mention they are good at advertising and marketing, presenting your properties to get the best, maximum rental charge while minimizing the vacancies as well.

2. Keep Vacancies to a Minimum.

Since Quakers Hill property managers know the real estate market, seeking tenants would usually call a property manager to directly inquire regarding available spaces. They also know where and how to advertise available properties to a diverse target pool of potential renters. Therefore, you can be sure that your property will be rented to quality tenants as quick as possible.

3. Seek Quality Renters.

Professional companies have the tools for screening quality tenants thereby keeping eviction rates low. This is one important aspect as they can do thorough criminal background checks, credit card checks, rental history, employment history, and reference checks. Quakers Hill property management companies know and understand how to look for renters that will likely cause few or no headaches.

4. Cover Repairs and Maintenance.

Property managers in Quakers Hill are able to keep up the property for you – organizing day-to-day maintenance and even resolving pressing situations. Their connections with highly regarded vendors will help you save through the discounted rates they obtain, and their expertise will help you avoid unnecessary expenses. Not only that, they are able to check on the renters and keep an eye on your property to not be mistreated.

5. Publicize Your Property.

Two of the best skills that we have is advertising and marketing. With good connections to websites, newspapers, and magazines, property managers can bring your property effective publicity on top of keeping the costs at discounted rates. Another thing is, they too can handle appointments to directly showcase your property.

6. Take Care of Paperwork.

Hilton Parkes Real Estate will handle administrative as well as financial tasks. They will assist in the negotiations and signing of agreements; handle collection of rent, bills, and other expenses needed to be paid on time; and even find you the best insurances to cover your property. You can also have the choice of letting them take care of your accounting and bookkeeping to ensure you get complete and accurate recording of your revenues.

7. Manage Time and People.

Dealing with renters, vendors, and other people connected in the business of leasing will take up your time, effort, and money. A leaky faucet, an unfriendly renter, and inconvenient appointment times for showing off your property – these are but a few issues you will be facing. Having a property management company deal with all of these will let you enjoy the pleasant facets of owning a rental property.

Most landlords only think of the cost it would take to have a property manager take care of their properties. However, as this article has outlined, it is effective and efficient to hire a professional property manager for your cause. You can enjoy the benefit of your time as well as your money earned, delighted that you hired a professional.

If you’re looking for a professional Quakers Hill property management company give Hilton Parkes Real Estate a call at 02 9832 3211 or visit their website for a Free property profitability analysis.