Property Management Companies Secure Renters

1. Be sure the company is familiar with Oakhurst.

A property manager who knows Oakhurst will be familiar with what renters are looking for. A good Oakhurst property management company will put themselves in the place of a renter when they think of the property. By making smart and budget-conscious recommendations to the property owner that increase returns while improving the desirability of the property, they will increase the property’s rental rates, lower tenant turnover, and decrease total vacancy. Your Oakhurst property management company is responsible for making sure that the property always remains competitive in the rental market. This knowledge of the local market will help minimize your average time-on-market while maximizing your rents.

2. Make a game plan when you meet with the property manager.

If your Oakhurst property management company is a good one, they will always arrange meetings with new property owners to create a plan. Once you get to know your property manager, interaction will be improved, which gives both the Oakhurst property manager and the owner a better idea of how they can work to improve returns for the property. The game plan for each property will be different and will be based on the plans, budgets, and goals of the owner. The key to truly successful property management is designing property plans that are right for each individual owner’s needs.

3. Read the reviews! Don’t take anyone’s word for it.

A current client can give you a better picture of a company’s service than anyone else. Don’t be afraid to ask your Oakhurst property management company for the names of three customers with properties like yours. In addition, read the reviews available on sites like Google and Yelp to get a better idea of the company’s reputation. Reviewers can tell you best and will usually give a good idea of both strengths and weaknesses as well as their contentment with the company’s service.

4. Don’t settle for less than premium customer service.

Terrible customer service is the most common complaint voiced about property management companies, whether they’re in Oakhurst or other locations. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to reach your property manager any time you needed to? Picking a Oakhurst property management company that works to provide great customer service and really delivers on that promise will make all the difference between frustration and satisfaction. Solid customer service should be expected, and a company that has good customer service generally makes sure that other aspects of the business are on point as well since they’re always talking about it. Frequent communication with owners to keep them informed about the market and about the management of their property is a necessity in any property management relationship.

5. Check out the money.

In Oakhurst, property management companies normally collect rents between the first and fifth of the month. Clients should make it a point that their rent be collected on time. All rents should be collected and monthly statements prepared for each property in no more than eight days. Since that money belongs to the property owner, it should be deposited to their bank account as soon as possible. Interest earned on that rental revenue can add up to quite a bit in the long run. If that money stays in the management company’s bank account instead of yours, they will earn the interest instead of you. Our company does not do that. We view our job as collecting your money, not holding on to it.

6. Verify that your Oakhurst property management company is familiar with accounting.

It can be difficult to account for expenses and revenues with investment properties. Good accounting skills and organization will ensure that the property management company is managing your property correctly. All of your cash flows and income should be easy to access when tax season comes up at the end of the year in order to make it easy to manage your taxes.

7. Good relationships with tenants should be a priority for your management company.

Your property management company should maintain cordial relationships with tenants. Tenants are your property’s customer, so they should be treated like it. Keeping tenants happy will also mean lower re-leasing fees for the property owner since it will result in lower turnover. Content tenants will also keep homes cleaner and remain easier to work with, making it easier to show homes to prospective new tenants and re-lease the property. It can be hard to come by a property management company, Oakhurst or elsewhere, that has a good reputation when it comes to tenants. By choosing a company that really cares, you can improve your returns from the property.

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