Whether your property is new to the market and you want or need to sell quickly or your property has been on the market before, there are several things you as a seller need to know to ensure a successful campaign. So here are 5 tips for a successful property sale campaign from your experts in real estate in Plumpton and Kellyville.

1.What else is out there?

It is important to know what else is out there in real estate in Plumpton, Kellyville and surrounds. Who is competing with you for your buyer? Check out open homes so that you, yourself, can get the inside scoop on what else is available in the same price bracket.

Poignant questions:

What comparable houses are selling and how many days are they on the market?
What sales campaigns are they running?
Offers over?
Expressions of interest?

This type of information helps you understand and set realistic expectations.

2.Dress it up

Staging is crucial to the sale of real estate in Plumpton, Kellyville and surrounds, particularly if it is an occupied property.

Having the right dressings can set the scene for any potential buyer.

Know the market: If you are expecting to sell to a young family, then dress it up to appeal to these buyers, a child’s bedroom or a dedicated teenage retreat can make the world of difference.

One key tip, dress it up but don’t overdress it. Declutter and don’t leave too much “stuff” laying around.

3.Invest in small renovations where it counts

Everyone wants the best price for their property and sometimes this means spending a little cash for the best return.

Remember to only spend where it counts. Our hot tips are to make cheap, cosmetic enhancements, like new tiles or splashbacks, pendant lights, a coat of paint or a carpet clean can freshen the place up and make it look a million bucks.

If you want to add the additional wow and have more to spend, updated kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor living spaces generally win buyers over.

4.Pricing matters

In today’s fast-paced, tech-based world, most listings are online. Prospective buyers are given the ability to hone in on their specific criteria and this includes price.

Today, more than ever, pricing matters. If you want to list your home for $800,000 but want to keep your target market open, listing for $795,000 is clever.

Bringing the listing price in under $800,000 will ensure that you are being seen by as many of your desired market as possible.

5.Keep it fresh

Keeping sales campaigns fresh is key to any sale. Rather than letting things go stale, be prepared to work with your agent to reduce the price if needed.

Some other options for keeping your property fresh is to change up the photos, create a hero shot, change the advertising material.

Buyers, often check online listings regularly, so it is important to ensure you keep your listing fresh, and relevant if your property is taking longer than expected to sell.

Whilst this is intended to guide you, our agents are experienced in real estate in Plumpton and Kellyville (plus surrounding areas) and getting you the best possible price for your home. If you are selling your home in the Plumpton or Kellyville area please give one of our specialists a call to discuss a tailored approach to your home sale journey.