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Week In Real Estate 19.1.18

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House Price Growth to Ease in Sydney

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500 Red Roses For 500 Mums In Plumpton

This Mother’s Day, we’d like to say “THANK YOU” to all the great Mums out there. If you love your Mum, pop into our office from Saturday morning, May 13 right through to Midday Sunday, May 14 (Mother’s Day) to pick up a complimentary Red Rose for your Mum.
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Rooty Hill Residential Property Management: More Than Putting a “For Rent” Sign in the Yard

While simply throwing up a “For Rent” sign up in the yard of your rental property may seem like a great idea, there is much more to the process than most people assume. In reality, residential property management can be a full time job where experience is irreplaceable. From the beginning of the process through the end, there are several benefits in utilizing an experienced professional. Continue reading to learn … Read more »

The Search For The Worst House In The Best Street

If you have had any exposure to the real estate industry it is quite possible that you have heard the saying “the worst house in the best street”.

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What is happening with interest rates and what does it mean for you if you are looking to buy?

Interest rates have been held at a historically low 2.5% by The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) for well over a year now. Here we take a look at interest rates; how they work, what affects them, and how that translates to buyers in the Plumpton area.
How the official interest rate is used by the RBA

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Quick and easy improvements to help increase the value of your home

There are number of quick and easy improvements that you can make to your home that will assist in lifting its value. They can be done quite cheaply, mostly by yourself, and when combined may have the effect of boosting your overall price for very little outlay. Today we list some ideas here for you.

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