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Real Estate News March 1st

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Property Market & Investment News

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Real Estate News February 9th

The Reserve Bank of Australia kept the official interest on hold this week but a reduction in the cash rate seems more likely now than it has in years, according to comparison site Finder. All 28 experts in Finder’s RBA cash rate survey correctly predicted that the RBA would hold at 1.50% on Tuesday, but their predictions have changed dramatically about the direction of the next RBA move.
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Newslink February Edition

It’s difficult for real estate consumers to determine what’s really going on in major property markets because researchers, economists, and journalists present generalized price data. There will be one figure to describe what’s happening with house prices in Melbourne and one figure to describe Sydney.

The reality is that there are multiple scenarios playing out across all of our major city markets and the single-figure approach misleads more than it informs. … Read more »

The Week In Real Estate 2nd February 2019

Almost 10,500 first-home buyers took out a home loan in November, just off the highest number in nine years, according to CommSec chief economist Craig James. The proportion of first-time buyers in the home loan market rose to 18.3%, the highest level in six years. “Clearly these buyers are celebrating the greater choice of properties on the market, more attractive prices and super-low interest rates,” says James. James says too … Read more »

10 tips to help you grow all the herbs you’ll ever need!

1. Group the herbs
Group herbs according to their drought-tolerance level. Mediterranean stalwarts rosemary, thyme, sage and oregano don’t need as much water as leafy herbs such as coriander, mint and basil.
Annual herbs need more water, so keep these in your veggie garden alongside lettuces and beans.
2. Give them sunshine
Almost all herbs prefer full sun, so site your … Read more »

The Week In Real Estate January 26th

The housing downturn in the two biggest cities, plus government incentives, are creating new opportunities for first-home buyers. New ABS data shows that the market share of first-home buyers is now at its highest level in seven years. Overall the value of new housing loans dropped 2.5% in November and was 16% below the level of a year ago, which was close to the market peak, but loans to FHBs … Read more »

This Week In Real Estate January 19

High employment is the key factor in keeping Australian property markets strong in the face of price decline in Sydney and Melbourne, according to lender Bankwest. Bankwest managing director Rowan Munchenberg says that provided employment continues to be as strong as it is, the price correction in the biggest cities will not create problems. “Employment still remains high and while that is the case, despite flat wage growth, it will … Read more »

A step-by-step guide to throwing the perfect summer party at home

Step one: Set the tone upfront
Invitations are the first thing your guests will see and it gives them an indication of the style of your event.

If you’re having an intimate dinner party, splash out on some beautiful stationery and send invites in the post.

If it’s a larger affair (or if time is of the essence), there are a … Read more »

The Week In Real Estate January 12

Prices rose in five of the eight capital cities in 2018, according to the latest figures from CoreLogic. The growth was led by Hobart, where the Home Value Index grew 8.3% last year. Darwin was up 3.7%, Canberra 3.6% and Adelaide and Brisbane were up by about 1%. The capital city average was a decline of 6.7%, according to these figures, weighed down by a 10% fall in Sydney and … Read more »

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